Investing in the future

We’re building 21st century energy networks to advance electrification and promote energy diversification, resiliency and affordable access to cleaner forms of energy. Our teams collaborate and innovate to find new ways to approach energy challenges and as a result, our power grids are smarter, more resilient and more efficient, capable of supporting electricity, natural gas and renewable power options.

Across our family of companies, our teams are:


Developing one of the world’s first carbon sequestration hubs and cutting-edge hydrogen infrastructure and blending programs

clean energy

Exploring new, international infrastructure to advance clean power and energy networks


Furthering national recognition as a leader in wildfire safety and climate resilience


Implementing smart grid technologies and integrating advanced energy storage systems


Leveraging artificial intelligence to forecast weather, identify and monitor potential problems in the power grid, and prevent service disruptions

We continue to play a leading role in the energy transition by investing in critical new infrastructure that is needed to create the energy systems of tomorrow.

Jeffrey Martin, Chairman & CEO


Over the next few decades, technology is expected to play a critical role in improving the overall quality and affordability of energy services. Our Leading 2025 initiative includes investing in strategic research and development opportunities, cutting-edge digital service platforms and enhanced cybersecurity programs to fortify reliability and strengthen digital and physical safety.

Resilient operations

Like other sectors, our utilities are looking to digitize their end-to-end operations from energy delivery to supply chain management in order to increase flexibility and quickly adapt to changing market dynamics.


We’re digitizing our business practices to improve the safe and reliable delivery of cleaner energy sources. We’re also implementing cutting-edge technologies to deliver world-class safety and increase operational efficiencies.

History of innovation

Since being founded in 1998, we’ve evolved into a diversified energy infrastructure company serving nearly 40 million customers. A lot has changed since Sempra was formed, but one thing hasn’t: we value and encourage innovation by our employees. This empowers them to help solve some of the most pressing energy challenges affecting the world today.

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